Brief info

Christina spent two years in France training to be a mime at École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq. The cutthroat world of professional mimery soon soured Christina on the high arts and soon she was off to Bourdeaux to train as a sommelier. It was here, while exploring the terroir of the region and living amonsgt the goats that Christina disovered a love of animals.

After stowing aboard a steamship and returing to the Americas, Christina spent years of working at Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital. During her time there, she accomplished her Registered Veterinary Technician status by completing the very demanding distance education program through Thompson Rivers University over a three year period. Prior to her time at Central,

Christina is excited to be a part of a veterinary practice where she will get to see patients more than once, and for more than just an emergency! Christina shares her home with her Cairn terrier, Edna, as well as her Warg, Albert, and her several birds or prey.

She hasn't entirely left the exciting world of mime behind and is available for birthday parties and other functions where only a mime will do.

In her spare time she trains for ultramarathons and enjoys NASCAR.