Fees and Payment

Our fees are guided by industry surveys and recommendations from the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Payment is due at the time that services are delivered. We can help with payment plan options through a number of companies that help with exactly these type of situations.

Pet Insurance

We do not gain any benefit from insurance companies for any animal that we recommend insurance for. We are often asked whether insurance is a good idea. Studies show that pets that are insured statistically receive better care than pets that are not insured, and that is why we recommend it: because we want all our patients to get the best care they can, without finances playing a hard role in the decision making process.

A good question to ask yourself is if your pet needs to be seen at a specialist facility and is facing a $5000 bill for surgery, or hospitalization, would this cause a hardship for your family? If so, we would recommend insurance, because this is something that unfortunately happens with some regularity.

Our staff can help provide you with the tools you need to make a decision.